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The impacts of magnetic fields on running water happen to be found for years. Patents on treating water with magnets seemed as early as the 1950's. It was discovered that less scale deposit was created after long use. The effects were described as making the water appear to "act" as if the mineral content was lowered. This technology was used chiefly in states which have almost no chemical industry, like Russia, China, Poland and Bulgaria, who all reported the successful use of magnets in treating water for industry, irrigation and home use. They mentioned improvements in taste and quicker drying time, but no one knew why! Magnetic water treatment developed more slowly in the West. To Western thoughts, measuring the magnetic aftereffect of flowing water was somewhat funny. (Kronenberg said, "People in the West insist on comprehending what they say or do!") - vortex water

Organic Magnetism

Also, substances were in general use in North America and also the chemical industry did its best to discourage the use of magnets ~ for obvious reasons!

To Westerners, however, the genuine as well as practical effects of magnetic water treatment after protracted use were undeniable. And Kronenberg says that there is no mystique in magnets treat water problems. The positive effects are validated through systematic research. When treatment devices with permanent magnets were developed, they were instantaneously successful! The build up of scale on pipes that were new was completely eliminated as well as the removal of scale deposits in water pipes that were old was soon apparent.

It was while he was at California State Polytechnic that Kronenberg brought to the pioneering work in agriculture that re-used re-energized irrigation water with treatment that is magnetic. He says the nucleus of water really changes.

That is the supply of its seemingly magical properties. A diet of magnetized water makes cows give more milk; chickens grow fatter and lay more eggs. And cantaloupes and have better yields with less fertilizer and other harvests grow larger.
"The magnetized water raises the solubility of minerals and for that reason improves the transfer of nutrients to all regions of the body, making the organisms work better."

"The shortage of nucleation centers in water is known to result from the ability of the water molecules to cluster around each foreign particle," Kronenberg described. This renders it unavailable as a nucleation centre. The forces of the magnetic fields on those water molecule clusters are extremely weak, nevertheless. The clusters vibrate in a number of methods. When they pass of a number of magnetic poles in a certain pace the periodic changes of magnetic fields may coincide with one of the internal vibration frequencies. Resonance may occur and result in cracking open this kind of cluster. - vortex water